What others think

"I raised venture funding in Silicon Valley before and never felt completely confident with building a deck. The course helped me go through it, step by step. The course felt more like a coach, or consultant I could go to all the time when I wanted to optimize a slide."

Chris Strobl


"When it comes to startup fundraising Max is the go-to guy. He has a deep understanding of both the investor and the operator sides and helped us design a great pitch deck. And with that we found the right investor for our business.

Tristan Niewoehner

Founder @ Persomatch

"This course is one reason why we massively oversubscribed our seed round. Max's unique insights helped us a lot to understand, what it takes to build a great pitch deck and convince investors of our idea."

Eike Diestelkamp

Founder @ Betriebsmittelhelden

"There is so much to learn about raising money from investors. Max is really sharing the best practices in this course and I can totally recommend it to every early-stage founder"

Frederik Fleck

Partner @ Richmond View Ventures

"The videos around the structure and the design of the pitch deck are excellent. They were full of valuable advice, and we could quickly implement them into our deck. Total recommendation"

Alex Borowski

Co-Founder @ Tokenstreet

"Max has personally helped me learn plenty. This is going to be a resource saver for those new to the game, especially if you are a non-tech founder. The price is barely anything compared to the time and real money new founders lose to learn what the course would cover, coming via the experience."

Jasvir Dhillon


"Max is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the VC landscape and fundraising. He's helped with some awesome advice around pitch deck creation, as well as information about Europe VC. In addition, his content is exceptional. I'm excited to be part of this course."

Dan Siepen

Founder of It's Fun Doing Marketing