The No-Code Revolution And Why You Don’t Need A Tech Co-Founder

5 reasons to start your business without a programmer as a co-founder or first employee.

Chris Strobl
Chris Strobl
Founder @ No Code Germany

Hollywood and Startup Media has taught us that we have to be like Mark Zuckerberg to be successful. So we need to have studied computer science and be able to develop an app completely on our own. If we can't do that ourselves, we should definitely find a programmer to co-found our idea.

Meanwhile, however, there are more and more examples of why this is not necessary and startup reasons without any programming experience develop software themselves, namely with so-called no-code tools. The best known are: Webflow, Bubble and Airtable.

1. Just do it

Instead of spending months to convince a programmer of a good idea and then waiting months again until the first prototype is online, the no-code founder can simply go online. Start for free and program an app. With about 5-10 hours of learning and experience with PowerPoint and Excel, it is possible to develop version 1 of the product in a long weekend. About 5-10% of the products on Producthunt and Indiehackers are now developed with No-Code tools.

2. No cost

Good programmers often earn 6 figures. This is not possible for a startup, especially if it is self-funded. Often, in addition, one is not 100% sure if the idea will work in the market and therefore one prefers to wait and see.

The characteristics of software and internet products is that it is easier to invest resources to optimize an existing business model vs. build a new business model. Therefore it is economically difficult for good programmers to be involved in completely new ideas, because the risk is much higher.

3. Full control over the scope

You know it from PowerPoint presentations or Excel. Often the context is not perfectly captured and the document is revised together. Some consultants swear that a presentation only becomes really good at version 25. All this happens in a few days.

With text-based software, such a process is unthinkable today. As a rule, this revision is done today in infinitely long loops and Agile meetings. With visual programming it is finally possible to get to version 25 of a software within one day.

This leads to the fact that one finally has sovereignty over the scope. You can say exactly what you want and you can create exactly what you want. This is indeed revolutionary.

4. More self-confidence

Many excellent entrepreneurs are suspicious of talking about visions all day long. They are pragmatic. Therefore, for some it even feels wrong to collect money without really having numbers, data and facts about customers and competitors.

That's why it increases their own confidence in the idea, because suddenly a real software has been developed and capital is needed to improve something and generate more growth, instead of needing capital for an idea.

5. Be at the forefront

No-Code is a very fresh and new movement from the USA. There are already first successful companies (see links), but one is clearly ahead with this new technology.

Therefore I highly recommend trying out no-code. If you've enjoyed this post and are looking to learn more about startup finance and growing an online business, give me a follow on Twitter @nocodechris